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SQFT Automated Fabrication Shop Space




Structural Steel 

Our Structural Steel capabilities are continuously increasing as we grow and evolve. We have created a structural steel fabrication shop with the latest automated technologies to ensure the maximum efficiency during our process.  With our technology and highly skilled labor force we are able to increase our output of structural steel exponentially which allows us to meet or exceed our mission of meeting our clients timeline on-time or ahead of schedule. 

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Stainless Steel/Non-Ferrous Metals

Our stainless steel and non-ferrous fabrication shop is a go to for clean room, eye-catching projects that require a large amount of detail and skill to produce. With the addition to our designated stainless shop we have our own stainless steel installation division that specializes in the high-quality, attention to detail projects to ensure a smooth . 


Metal Cutting

With the upgrades to our technology in our fabrication shop we have increased our project capabilities significantly. Our equipment has the ability to cut any type of metal, into any shape and with our team of skilled fabricators we can make any vision a reality. 

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Miscellaneous Metals 

With the separation of our miscellaneous and structural shops we are able to maximize our space with the latest technologies. With the addition of skilled fabricators this move has significantly given us a strong competitive advantage against time and our competition.  We have unlimited capabilites when it comes to meeting your miscellaneous metals scope of work. 


Press and Brake 

Used in conjunction without our other fabrication technoologies we are able to cut our production times down significatly. The advantages of having a machine do our bending and cutting for things such as clips and bans allows us to focus on other areas to help us achieve our mission. 

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Pipe Bending

The ability to cut, bend and form any pipe to any angle and length has increased our railing divisions capability and efficiency dramatically. By doing this we can provide our customers with accurate lead times to better met their needs. 

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